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NEW Weekly Race Duels – Ready? Steady? GO! 

The Duels feature has been proven to be among players’ favourites here on Social Tournaments. Having the possibility to play 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or as a Faction, players seem to enjoy that adrenaline rush that only the duels can offer! However, to make the competition even more forceful, we designed a new type of Duel that’ll have you literally count your wins and losses – the Weekly Race! 

Weekly Race Duel – How it works 

The Weekly Race is the newest type of duel available on Social Tournaments. It runs for one week, from Monday to Monday, and holds a weekly prize pool of €500! 

The winners of a Weekly Race Duel are determined based on the number of points gathered in the first 5 played duels in a day. Thus, if you win a duel, you’ll be rewarded 1 point while if you lose a duel you’ll receive 0 points. That’s to say, the more wins you have in the first 5 Duels played in a day, the more points you collect, the higher you’ll rank on the leaderboard! 

The new Weekly Race duel can be found on our Duels Page, along with all our Duel options. We’d like to add that joining a duel and not finishing all spins will result in a 2 day, 1 week or 1 month ban, depending on the number of incomplete duels and the timeframe.

Social Tournaments Duels – More ways to have fun playing slot tournaments! 

We at Social Tournaments have designed different types of duels based on Pragmatic Play slots over the years, with the Weekly Race being the latest addition. On our Duels page, you can find all the Duels options available, each with its own short description. To refresh your memory, here are the key points about every type of duel: 

  • 1 vs 1 Duels – this type of duel picks two random players and places them face to face in a fighting arena on a randomly chosen Pragmatic Game. The price to join this duel is 1000 coins, while the prize pool going into the winner’s pocket is 1900 coins. The duration of the 1 vs 1 duel is 30 minutes – this means that the tournament will end in half an hour regardless of what the duellists do. Read more in our  1 vs 1 Duels at Social Tournaments article. 
  • Faction Battles – reinforcing the faction spirit, this duel takes two players from each of the three factions and throws them in the ring. You can join this duel by paying 1000 coins, with the leaderboard holding prizes for each faction – everybody wins! More details about the Faction Battle Duels at Social Tournaments can be read in our article. 
  • 2 vs 2 Duels – allowing players to join in solo or with a friend, the 2 vs 2 Duel requires 2000 coins from each participant and offers an 8000 coins prize pool! For more details on how the 2 vs 2 Duels work, please read our  2 vs 2 Duels at Social Tournaments article and follow for a smooth experience! 

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your time at Social Tournaments, go ahead and play our new Weekly Race duel and win the first 5 to be amongst the first positions on the leaderboard!