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Star Wars Day with the Final Star Bounty Slot Tournament!

After collecting Qualifying tickets for two days, it’s time for the final slot tournament to begin! Finalists with one or more tickets in their Collections are invited to join the ultimate slot tournament hosted by the Star Bounty Slot, one of the top Pragmatic Play slots with a cosmic touch! 

Star Wars Day Event – Join the final slot tournament on the Star Bounty slot

Today, the 6th of May, is the day the final slot tournament in the Star Wars Day Event takes place! Running for 24h, the Star Bounty Slot tournaments can be accessed by players who have at least one Qualifying ticket in their Collections. Lucky Jedi-players with more than 1 ticket get the chance to use all their Qualifying tickets and reset their score until they run out of tickets. 

The prizes for the final stage consist of a total money prize of € 5,000 and a special prize of choice for the 1st position:  a Millennium Falcon Lego 75257 or a Lightsaber. 

Are you ready to take on the Dark Forces of the universe? Embrace your Jed-spirit and join the Final Star Wars Tournament and you might just leave with more than a money prize!