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The Raffle Mechanism at Social Tournaments  

Adding new features and implementing new mechanisms is what we love to do here at Social Tournaments! After the duel system and the factions, we thought there was high time we added a new winning mechanism to spice up the players’ experience – that’s how we thought of the Raffle mechanism!  

Social Tournaments Raffle – How does it work 

The Raffle mechanism is rooted in slot tournaments, with a specific twist when picking the winners! There are basically two steps: the ticket collection and the Raffle Draw itself. 

Social Tournaments Raffle – Ticket Collection 

Slot tournaments based on the best Pragmatic Play games are what we do best, so it’s only natural to include them in almost everything we do. Thus, the first stage of the Raffle Draw is collecting the tickets. Nothing different from a standard raffle draw, right? Well, you’ll be glad to find out that the Social Tournaments’ way is more fun! 

Collecting the raffle tickets is usually done by playing the slot tournaments available on our platform. Sometimes you might be required to play dedicated tournaments while other times you’ll have the freedom to play any of our free slot tournaments.   

Similar to a normal raffle, you can participate with more than one ticket – the more tournaments you play, the more tickets in your Collection, and the more chances you have in the Raffle draw! However, there might be some limitations in regard to the number of tickets you can collect per day. This being said, you might want to keep an eye on our News section or our Discord channel to be up to date with such events. 

A rather new feature we added is the possibility to buy Raffle tickets directly from the Social Tournaments store. This way, players are given a shortcut to get their hands on the much-needed raffle ticket. However, keep in mind that the number of raffle tickets you can purchase will most likely be capped.  

There’s also going to be a time limit, meaning you will be able to collect tickets within a specific time frame.  

Social Tournaments Raffle – Raffle Draw 

Now that you’ve got the tickets in your Collection, all that’s left is to wait for the Raffle Draw to start! We usually pick a specific date and time to do the raffle draw, which takes all tickets into account and awards players with money awards. It’s important to mention that the draw is purely random – all players have equal chances to win (depending on the number of tickets, of course). 

You don’t need to be online for the raffle – the winners who missed it can see the winning ticket(s) in their Collection tab. What’s more, all prizes won will be credited to the winner’s account automatically. If you’re wondering what’s going to happen with winning and non-winning tickets, please know that unlucky tickets will get deleted while the winning ticket stays in the Collection tab as a trophy.  

With a virtual twist in a Social Tournaments style, even the most standard games, such as the good-old raffle, can become more fun and engaging! Stay close and look for our Raffle events announcements – we really like this mechanism and we’ll try to apply it as often as possible!